CTF tips

CTF to me is one of the most frustrating games in Halo. It feels like people are constantly doing things in there to hurt your teams chances of winning. Like how do you lose a CTF game when your up 2 to 0? I would like people to give their opinions and tips and start a discussion about what helps and hurts your teams.

Lack of communication = hurts (obvious)

Running the flag where your team isn’t = hurts

Not going for the counter pull when you had a
chance and instead trying to go for the flagrunner = hurts

Now for the positive, opposite of what I just said.

Push together, cover each other/angles… slay the enemy team… grab/run the flag, predict spawns, slay… cap.

Then repeat… many times it gets much messier than that, but that’s the recipe.

Watch twitch and YouTube videos of higher skilled and pro gamers play and try to learn from that always play with a team of players as skilled as you or better never solo que buy a good headset warmup get your shot on point by playing firefight with the basic weapons you use in arena prenade choke points position yourself to block spawn 2 minutes and 2 seconds for power ups like camo and os learn how to use clamber and jumping routes to use the map for your advantage and never let the other team get any power weapons slayer before you pull the flag when you have the advantage of 3 or 4 players to 2 or 3 makes a difference find a comfortable sensitivity to play on if you miss more shots then you make your helping the other team by being stuck in respawn and giving them the advantage

“Like how do you lose a CTF game when your up 2 to 0?”

Most non-slayer based objective modes are susceptible to very big momentum swings based on team positioning, individual decision making and executing in the clutch. Allowing an opposing team to truly seize and capitalize on the opportunities that they create and present for themselves while not flipping the script back in return is the answer to that question.

I can think of a Strongholds match I took part in way back when Halo 5 initially launched where my friends and I were getting crapped on. We were probably down 80 something to maybe 10 or so and somehow, someway we just got our sh*t together during the match and found a way to feed off the created momentum in order to come back and win 100-98. The communication rose, our ability to execute and perform rose, and the opponents obviously ended up choking under the rising pressure. It’s still probably the most thrilling match I’ve ever experienced in Halo 5 because early on we certainly didn’t feel like we stood much of a chance as there was lots of complaining, frustration, and a negative attitude and tone to what little communication that was occurring… that is until we caught that momentum and then everything just flipped and I know I became a believer as the match went on that we could pull off what initially felt impossible!

I’ve also been in a BTB CTF match where I was playing solo and our team quickly went down 0-2, but again somehow, someway members of my team began making adjustments in order to slow or halt the opposing team’s aggressive blind pushes (I, personally, began to camp our flag defensively) in turn there were members on our team who were then able to take advantage of created opportunities to obtain our own flag caps. This momentum eventually lead to the match getting tied up before we unfortunately lost 2 key members who either quit or got lagged out as the match’s regulation time was nearing expiration, but amazingly our team continued to rise up and take on the challenge of continuously preventing the opposing team from scoring the winning flag cap despite their even more emboldened and aggressive attempts knowing we were outnumbered. Communication which didn’t exist throughout the majority of the match all of a sudden started from nearly everyone remaining on the team. Clutch performances and fairly coordinated flag returns were occurring left and right in order to keep the game going till we reached and went through nearly all of the overtime period. Things were pretty intense and incredibly it all paid off when someone or a group of players on our team managed to get a counter flag grab all the way over to our base and eventually it got capped after several grueling and clutch encounters with the opponents trying to return it and counter grab ours. We truly earned that victory despite going down 0-2 quickly and somehow overcoming a 2-player deficit down the stretch too.

There have been numerous times were I’ve been on the opposite side of that spectrum too. Where I couldn’t believe we lost. In those games I know that my decision making became highly questionable as desperation and risk taking seemed to creep further and further into my actions. Communication (if there was any) and individual performances seemed to drop across the board (team wise) accordingly too. It’s as if you can feel the tides turning at certain points in a match and sometimes it’s really hard to turn them back regardless to what you accomplished or were capable of earlier in the match.

In non-slayer based objectives general slaying obviously helps create opportunities, but it’s not necessarily the be all, end all when a team can at least remain somewhat competitive to their opponent in that aspect because its the ability to seize on those opportunities that are created by slaying that matter the most. It’s partly why I love non-slayer based objectives in Halo such as CTF, Strongholds, and big team Neutral Bomb (Assault) as well as past modes like Extraction, 1-sided Bomb and Flag modes, plus 4v4 Ricochet.

P.S. I never was a big fan of Oddball and KotH was often hit or miss.

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> Like how do you lose a CTF game when your up 2 to 0?

Think about it from a math standpoint.

Let’s take a slayer game where Blue team has a 75% chance of winning, but they get an unlucky start like some kind of freak grenade spam, and Red team takes the lead.

4-2 to start

They get power weapons and spawn kill a couple rounds, making it 12-6

Then next power weapons come up and, even though Red team might not be as good as Blue, they have map control and get the first set of power weapons for another couple spawn cycles.

Halfway through the game, it’s now 25-12. Sucks.

But since Blue team is better, they eventually start catching up and manage to make the game 45-40.

But now they’re close to the kill mark.
Even though it’s only a measly 5 kills to catch up, it’s also only 5 kills for the other team to win.

It isn’t enough that Blue team is “technically better”… they don’t just have to play a little bit better, they have to play twice as good.
On the other hand, Red team can just use cheese it and go for trades, and they will still win, even if they are dying more than killing.

You can’t do that in objective.

If the better team gets unlucky in the first half, it’s not nearly as big of a deal.
They don’t need to play twice as good, they just need to be a little bit better to mount a comeback.

I know you might say, “but red team can just play defense and they win,”
“But red team only needs 1 cap, while blue team needs all 3.”

But it doesn’t really work like that.
In objective, the only thing you need to race against is the clock, which has a lot of time, as well as an overtime on top of that.
Whereas with Slayer, you’re racing the scoreline, so you actually need to play amazing rather than just your regular capability.

A trade isn’t a neutral thing in Slayer, as 30-25 is much easier to come back against than 45-40. Every trade that the currently-winning team gets, it changes the % of error that is allowable by the losing team.
With objective, a trade only loses you a bit of time, and then you get to try again.

This effectively gives objective games a “larger sample size” to work with, which favours the team that is “technically better.”

As long as the better team is consistently edging out the other team, they can get a full 3 caps all in a row.
They don’t need to play like they are twice as good, they only need to consistently play like they are slightly better.

This is why it’s very common for the top teams to be known as “objective teams.”
It’s not so much that they “shine” at objective, but rather that they are the better team to begin with, and thus will be more likely to win objective games on a consistent basis.
The worse team can often times come out ahead in slayer because any small lucky streak can be abused to be turned into a win, whereas with objective, they actually need to do that for the entire match without letting up.

As someone already mentioned, if you want tips, just watch pro streams and/or youtube commentaries. You’ll pick it up instinctively.

I just go for the flag…

> 2535463286757940;7:
> I just go for the flag…

Tbh, I find that mindlessly rushing flag every spawn is surprisingly rewarding in Halo 5 compared to previous titles, at least in solo queue.
You can be a complete noob and still help out a fair bit, even if you just get lucky with your timing and manage to get the flag somewhat far.

And if you know how to do it without getting spotted, possibly putting a few shots down along the way, pay attention to when enemies die & where they’re going to respawn for determining the when & where to pull the flag… well then you’re pretty golden.

If you’re not playing with a team and communicating try and fill in the areas where you’re team isn’t covering instead of pushing the flag e.g. if you’re playing on coliseum and you’re team mates are positioned top mid, blue cave and blue bridge (ready to pull the blue flag) try positioning your self up on yellow tower. This will give you a good power point on the map (high ground) and you can easily cover the flag carrier and catch the enemy team spawning in blue elbow.

I know it might not be as easy as this in an actual game but the point is is to cover where your team mates need you. I don’t mean to do this all the time too - if your team is clearly better for whatever reason push harder, you don’t need to worry about what your team mates are doing too much. But in a very close match equally skilled to each other I think this is one of the best way to control and win!

Obviously playing in a team with full communication is very different but I normally play alone and this technique and type of play style is very beneficial for the team.