CTF over Strongholds

I’m soooo sick of Strongholds. I don’t even like it when I’m winning. Can’t stand the way it plays. Run around in circles.

Strongholds is so prominent in halo 5. If I want to play CTF I end up also playing a ton of Strongholds.

Hoping Halo 6 will have a CTF playlist.

Oh no, you’ve done it now. Strongholds is 343i’s baby and they want you to know it. But by coming out and vocally saying you hate it, wow. The 343i fanboys will be out for your blood.

Anyway it was nice to see someone else hate strongholds with as much passion as I do, but as the pastor in Blazing Saddles said to the new sheriff “Son, your on your own”

I’m more upset at how slayer seems to come up more often for me, then either CTF or Strongholds, let alone assault. FIVE slayer matches in a row yesterday. on team objective, where slayer doesn’t really belong, y’know what with it having its OWN playlist & crap.