CTF HUD enhancements

Halo 2 used to have the greatest HUD set up when playing CTF(among other similar objective games), I knew exactly what was going on with my flag; the HUD would show non obtrusive indications near the bottom of the screen such as a red alert to tell me the enemy was carrying my flag, yellow when it was away. And Halo 3 had something similar.

Halo 4 however has removed this feature for some reason. It tells me where the enemy is with my flag, but I would like to be able to immediately spawn with a red/yellow indicator on my screen to tell me exactly what’s going on with my flag instead of having to search around for the current indicator that goes over the carriers head. If I am just blindly attacking enemies, I don’t even notice my flag is gone sometimes. I always found that the halo 2 indicators allowed me to always know what was going on in the game no matter what my play style was for a match.

If people feel the same about this, please -Yoink- here so 343 might add it in with a future title update.

I agree with you. This is so evident on the map Simplex where everything looks the exact same. I have once run the flag in a full circle around the map before realizing I had done a full lap and was back at the capture point.