CTF games too long?

Long story short the other team capped 4 flags then camped with the last one and killed us for 8 straight minutes. We must have had 10 people join and leave on our team.

Ya I’m having the same issue. I played about 5 CTF games and every single finished due to the time limit.

That’s the problem of having your K/D affected in objective games. Instead of going for the win, people sit back to increase their kills. I can’t understand why they just remove that stat from all objective gametypes, and have the K/D only track Slayer games. It would encourage more people to actually play objective games properly.

Out of interest, OP, how many of the ten players that joined hung around? Honestly, if I join a game where the team is losing 4-0, I quit straight away. There’s no point.

Never had this problem, Sudden Death needs to be brought back i’m disappointed by not being able to get a chance to at least tie the game while holding the flag right before the time reaches zero. 343 should bring this back.