can someone explain how this works now? I’ve been on a break and lost against 2 champs but I lost around 40 CSR? What happened

Go to the multiplayer feedback thread and there is a thread about it. Can try fishing though it to see if it’s explained better. But I am not sure if they ever fully explain how much CSR you are supposed to gain or lose depending on how your game went as it seems to be a few factors of performance, ranks and win/lose.

Yeah the system is strange man, especially with this new TS2

Can’t speak much for H5 because I haven’t played as much as the other games; but it seems like one of the hardest aspects of developing a competitive multiplayer experience, is getting the ranking system right. I mean look at how many iterations Siege has gone through to get it somewhat decent. Not letting them off the hook by any means if they’re screwing it up (out of love 343, out of love) but it’s just a thought I had.

I remember H3 and the fight to get out of the 35-40 range. Holy crap it felt good when I made 41. Then I skipped to 43, lost a game and went to 39, and quit for two weeks lol. Good times. The tilt was at a maximum.

You can check this thread out which might have your answer or you can ask about it.