CSR/Waypoint Problem

Greetings All,

I’m trying to get some resolution or insights on some problems that have been frustrating me with Halo Waypoint.

New to XBL, been playing Halo4 since roughly January. Approx level 77, about a .9 k/d ratio. Most all of my matches are big team infinity slayer.

The new CSR rankings came out and I anticipated it would be low(er), but I didn’t expect 1…maybe at least a 2 or a 3:)

I’ve had some really good matches, and lots of stinkers too, but I have yet to see my CSR budge at all (if even momentarily).

I’ve gone into Waypoint and noticed that if you check into individual matches, they actually assess a CSR for individual games as well (aside from your overall best CSR per game type). Even in my best games with high ranks and high k/d ratios, never does it budge off of 1.

In a couple instances, I’ve had far better stats than my good buddy, who was awarded a CSR 20 and yet mine stated 1 for that game. Specifically in one, I had the exact same amount of kills (14) and medals, 6 fewer deaths, 4 more assists than him…his CSR went up, mine stayed at 1…?

So, regardless of performance in matches, it does not appear that my CSR will move from 1.

In a side note, my waypoint spartan pic doesn’t update. Hasn’t updated since day 1. Is this possibly related? Still the basic recruit armor in all red even though I’ve updated my armor a million times since January.

It’d be nice to get some feedback from 343 on this – can’t seem to find any contact information anywhere regarding feedback on bugs or anything so here I am…

Thanks in advance for any help.