CSR Waypoint Only?

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Bye Bye Population.

That is all.

You are a fool.

I know I’m probably going to be gone.

> You are a fool.

Lol look at the current trend of the population.

whats CSR

> whats CSR

A lackluster attempt at a ranking system that will be released in April. I guess that’s early 2013 now?

I’m done. All this 343 stuff is giving me a headache.

Before I go, quick question for 343. Why was it so hard not to just give us Halo? That is all. Goodbye Halo.

> > You are a fool.
> Lol look at the current trend of the population.

Correlation does not equal causation. There has been a declining trend in concurrent users for a pretty long time by now. Also worth noting: the population statistics we receive are not the be-all end-all when it comes to gauging the current success of H4.

> > whats CSR
> A lackluster attempt at a ranking system that will be released in April. I guess that’s early 2013 now?

Released in April? I’m pretty sure it was here at launch:

> When you initially start searching in a playlist, we limit certain variables to try to give you the best possible match - these are our requirements for an ideal game. In this ‘best game search’ phase, we limit maximum latency (to a low enough value to ensure a good experience), and we limit the maximum skill difference between players (to help prevent one-sided fights). Both of these are controllable on a per-playlist basis, which allows us to have a different definition of an ‘ideal match’ per game mode.
> (In case you’re curious, ‘skill’ here refers TrueSkill, the Xbox LIVE system for tracking player skill. How that works in the context of Halo 4 is too complex for the scope of this post, but you can find a nice article here with some basics of the underlying system: TrueSkill™ Ranking System - Microsoft Research
> We start our search by asking Xbox LIVE to give us a list of existing game sessions that match these requirements. Because we can’t know latency values ahead of time, we begin with an estimate of what latency values are going to be based on where we think players are located geographically. The results that we get back are sorted by an aggregate score that combines this estimated latency, skill, and the presence of DLC. Each one of these requirements is weighted differently and has a different impact on the final score of each possible match. If we like the results we see, we query the top few results for their real latency to you, update the session scores, and then try to start joining games in the order of best score to worst score. Sometimes this means forming a new game; sometimes it means joining a game already in progress - the session with the highest score wins.
> If we can’t find any ‘ideal match’ results within a certain amount of time, we switch over to what we call ‘acceptable search mode’. In this mode, we realize that you’ve been waiting for a while to play a game, so we’re willing to accept a less-than-perfect match in order to get you into a game. In this phase, there are no restrictions on latency and skill. However, we still sort the final results by latency, skill and DLC (although in a different ratio, with less emphasis on DLC and more emphasis on latency). The end result is that we give you the best possible game out of what we can find at any given time.
> In an ideal world, if we allowed players to search in matchmaking forever, we could create perfect games every time. However, we have to make compromises in order to form games in a reasonable amount of time. Finding a good balance between game quality and search times is a constant challenge.

It’s just invisible to us.

early in april? that at the 21st

343 reminds me alot of the government. Lots of promises, big words, flashy objects, etc. but no delivery. NONE whatsoever. It’s also quite disheartening when the community can create better maps than the developers themselves. It truly seems like they have no idea what the community wants. Just visit the boards and you’ll find out pretty quickly.

It was known to be waypoint only the minute they ever talked about CSR. If your just now finding out thats your own fault for not keeping informed. This will not make the population go away.

You’re late as hell 343i been said CRS will be waypoint only around launch time. I don’t get why people are so shocked.