CSR & Trueskill isn't working...

I mean I am trying to play swat to level up I am a 37 and last game I played I went Positive and I was a 38 but I lost and one player on the other team was a Level 1 and I de-ranked because of it and he didn’t even go Positive. I don’t get what I am doing wrong and I’d love to go in with a team but I have yet to find anyone to play with.

This CSR doesn’t seem to be working because if a 38 can pair up with level 1’s than it isn’t working as intended and might as well have not been put into the game in the first place.

I also went 21 and 14 a couple games ago and my rank didn’t go up from that but when I lose but go positive 8 I lose my level…

It’s probably working just fine.

Don’t forget that it’s the TrueSkill system that’s actually doing the pairing, or at least doing the majority of the work in the pairing process, not CSR.

Scroll down to my post in this thread to get a better understanding.