CSR Ranking

So upon completing the 10 qualification games and attaining Platinum banding for my CSR. Myself and friends that play soon realized that the only thing that really seems to affect your player rank going up or down is how many games you have won or lost in total.

Thus making your rank reliant on the total performance of the team you are matched with and not your individual performance i.e. K/D, assists, accuracy etc.

Generally I am enjoying the game but this seems to be a ridiculously big flaw as it doesn’t seem to matter how well you play. If your paired with less skilled players or rogues that don’t work as a team and you lose your game then you are penalized for everyone on your team.

On multiple occasions I have achieved an above average K/D and ended up dropping a CSR because we lost the game. Then I’ll have a dreadful round and have a minus K/D but we won the game and my CSR goes up.

Now I understand that this makes it more team orientated as a group, but there are a great many people out there that cannot play together regularly because of life.

It also makes me wonder about those people that are generally not very good players being awarded ranks they did not earn because the luck of the cards paired them with other good players. So if said bad player plays terribly but the rest of the team pick up the slack and said player manages to win all 10 qualifying games and immediately achieves a CSR of Diamond etc how is this fair?

It won’t luckily pair you with good players. It pairs you with players around your own skill. If you can’t win half the time with players at what it thinks your own skill is, then it lowers you down.

It won’t randomly pair you with awesome players that can carry you.

The luckiest you’ll get is players that are a little better than other players around your skill. But not huge gaps.

It’s based of w/l ratio so there is a decent chance of really good players or really bad players. I’ve seen personally many lower ranking players demolish higher ranked players. This is also the reason why many people don’t enjoy the ranking system.

at the start of your game just scream down the microphone, we only lose IF you die, remember that. Win every game!