CSR Ranking System in Arena

Can somebody please explain to me how the ranking system works after you reach Onyx Rank. I am currently in Onyx 1515 for Swat and I’ve had the number go up and down a few times but stay in basically the same area, but what I want to know is how this works. I know that the top 200 get put in the champion rank, which I will never get to because i’m not that good so i’m not worried about that. But what I do want to know is how high the Onyx number can go, and what the max number would be before getting in Champion.

Also, I do play with my friends, and we all have different ranks for our playlists, so I would like to know what happens if I were to play with them in the Platinum Swat playlist. Would it hardly rank me up at all because i’m playing against people worse than me? And would the opposite be true if they were to play in my playlist, and would they rank up a lot faster than being in their own playlist? Or is none of that true and it just averages the two playlists and puts you with people with skills in between Onyx and Platinum?

Not a lot is explained on this topic and I just don’t want to be playing in a playlist that hardly levels me up at all, and I also don’t want my friends playing in higher playlists and getting killed all the time.


I am in the same boat. I just got rank at Onyx 1500, I have no idea what it means or where to find more information about it.

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