CSR Rank: Logic of a Five Year old

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Let me start off by saying i do enjoy this game in comparison to anything else on the market, even though this game caters to the bad kid population. Let’s address CSR, the leveling system that makes as much sense as religion. How is it possible that someone of my caliber and reputation (not my actual account because banhammer)can get matched up with complete scrubs? Then win 26+ games in a row with a full team of players of my same matching skill and not level.? This is a problem that should be patched. One of the many reasons that your matchmaking is desolate and the competitive community has given up on your game.

GG 343 way to follow in bungies footsteps in ruining a game.


I’m not religious. Had I been, I would have been deeply offended. Bringing religion into any topic when not relevant is never a good idea. I would recommend removing it.

TBH the CSR makes perfect sense, it just doesn’t work to well in practice thanks to a small population. That said I have been playing many full teams of good players. I mean like every game regardless of my CSR. It seems there are plenty of good players playing but for whatever reason the matching system clearly struggles with matching these players together.