CSR playlists

I know CSR’s and CSR Playlists aren’t due out until next year, but a little light needs to be shed on the playlists.

What exactly is going to change in CSR playlists compared to the current ones? I really, really hope AA’s, Tactical Packages, Support Upgrades, and Specializations are all restricted. The multiplayer now is fun, but in no way fair or balanced, and is absolutely not the method Halo is known for, nor what I was expecting when I bought it. Reach introduced AA’s and stretched what was tolerable, but 4 has taken it to CoD-tier.

If they’re not going to be restricted, then I might as well go trade the game in while I can still get $30 for it. I’m not saying Halo 4’s multiplayer is bad, I’m saying it’s not Halo.

If someone who is working on the CSR playlists could comment or post more information in an update BEFORE next year, I would appreciate it.