CSR Pausing for disadvantaged teams!

CSR Progression Pausing for Disadvantaged teams

Ok, Picture this; You join your favourite arena playlist and the match is mid way through, both teams are neck and neck and each player is holding there own. When suddenly one of your team members disconnect, could be caused by connection, Power or just blatant disregard for their team mates but now you are a man down and the tables turn! Your team ends up getting destroyed and as the match progresses another team member disconnects leaving you in a 2v4 scenario. Obviously if you leave the match you may receive a temporary ban but if you stay you could see your CSR decrease due to being outnumbered!

This is where my suggestion drops in, I believe 343 Industries should add in a system called “CSR Progression Pausing!”, Essentially it’s a very simple yet useful system - It’s function will pause the CSR progression of any team that loses any players during the match allowing those who are disadvantaged to not be punished because of their drop out teammates! It will stop any individuals CSR from either increasing or decreasing when the match has finished and still allows for the usual rewards of the match completion, which has both Positives and negatives to consider!

Positives of the CSR Progression Pausing System

  • Arena is all about skill, There is no advantages other than being better at the game - That is if you have even sized team, more often than not when your team is a player down you are much more likely to lose especially in game modes like Breakout! So, with the system Skillful players are not punished because they had a man down! - When your team is a man down, people are more likely to call it quits and leave furthering the problem! They know if they stay their CSR will decrease due to the likely case of losing - so by introducing this system you are promoting people to stay in games!Negatives of the CSR Progression Pausing System

  • Though unlikely, sometimes teams with less members actually win their match so obviously in this case the CSR Progression Pausing System would be a hindrance as it would ignore the victory of that game, though it is in rare cases this would occur!

It already kind of does this though. If you have only half a team for half the match, you only go down half as much if you lose.