CSR Only Increasing By One

Hey guys, starting today, 05.30.18 I’ve noticed an incredible glitch regarding CSR. I’m an Onyx player, and today going 10-0 in doubles, I’m only gaining one CSR per round. Is anyone else having this problem? We ran 10 doubles matches won them all, and I went from a 1560 to a 1570, we then lost a single match and I dropped to a CSR lower then I started for the day. What is going on? This is completely messed up. Anyone else having this issue. Please respond, thanks guys!


You maybe playing lower ranked players so winning doesn’t increase to much but a loss decreases it more.

Nah, I mean I play this game every single day. This hasn’t been the trend until today. We’re beating Diamond/Onyx Players. The likelihood of a fixed 1 CSR is way too obvious of an issue. Its clearly moving at a regulated 1 CSR. Yes, if we happened to match platinums or low diamonds for a round, I could understand 1 CSR, but not when the match ups are varied with different skill levels. This is clearly a ranking system issue. Thanks for the response, any others?

Same issue here, I’m in Slayer with 4 friends, Onyx is increasing 1 by 1 with wins. We loose 1 match they took 15 away. This are the reasons why people don’t play anymore… Broken game

Agreed. I’m having the same issue. I just won 9 doubles matches and went up 1 CSR each (1695 to 1704). Then lost one game and dropped 15 CSR to 1689. Definitely not the norm. During the 10 games, I matched mid-to-high Diamond players with 2-3 games having a Diamond 6 paired with a Platinum player. The loss was versus two Diamond players.

Given that matchmaking was working fine yesterday, this may be a new issue. I’d like to hear feedback regarding the ETA to resolution. Unless you have a better than 15/1 win ratio ranking up is not an option. I’ve spoken with other friends playing ranked matches today and they are having the same experience.

I am also having this problem. Played 12 games of hcs and lost 2 or 3 and I am negative 15ish points for the day. The points dont really bother me that much (they kinda do tbh but whatever) But there is no incentive to play unless you want to set your ranks on fire for the season. Had to cut the session short once I realized this bug.

Definitely sounds like a issue now. All I played was some super fiesta today. Broke out the Xbox 360 for tonight though, playing some GTA San Andreas.

Same issue here. It all starter during 1 match I won, when the match finished, I immediately was booted with a server connection loss. Despite winning, it didn’t record the progress and instead reflected to the previous match I lost. I’m pretty much locked at my rank right now regardless of winning or losing, regardless of opponents rank as well.

Edit. Actually same issue. I lose csr csr normally but it doesnt go up

It means your CSR is above your MMR and a new change was rolled out to correct the inflated CSR. See the weekly matchmaking feedback thread for more information.