CSR:My thoughts. How does yours differ?

These are some of my thoughts on CSR. Please feel free to agree or disagree, as I’m sure many of you will.

I dislike all the elitist Halo 3 mentality about social and ranked lists.

Using Halo 4 as the current example, what gives the right to olden time Halo 3 gamers who liked the old ranks, to belittle what they term as social ranks. Sure, that is how Bungie might have labeled them back in the old days but, that time has long past. There is a difference between the two and it is not that one is any more or less competitive than the other. One might argue that the skill is different and that is a fair point.

The current 16 play lists are divided by two CSR systems.

On the one hand, you have what some might term the Halo 3 style ranked play lists, such as Team Throwdown, Team Objective and the Castle DLC. Those modes are competitive and they are ranked. The CSR goes up or down based upon, primarily, on win/loss outcomes. One might argue that these lists take more skill on the account that everyone has the same starting weapons and other similar factors, such as no IR, ODs, AAs, radar etc.

On the other hand, you have what I believe Halo 2/3 olden day gamers term, as did Bungie, social lists/modes. They were cosmetically ranked back in Halo 3 with generic military ranks. However, in Halo 4, these lists/modes, such as Infinity Slayer, BTIS, SWAT and Regicide, have a ranked CSR attached to them based on individual scores at the end of the match. These modes are just as competitive as Team Throwdown and Team Objectives, for example. Individuals do what he or she can to not only win the game but to perform well as an individual.

I sometimes wonder if any olden day Halo 2/3 gamers ever play SWAT, Infinity Slayer, BTIS or any other list/mode which does not meet their so-called ranked competitive standards. If they haven’t or even if they have, they would know that game in and game out, there are many individuals that play to win and do very well individually too in all those modes and lists. What they think as social lists/modes are not, IMO, some place where so-called ranked/competitive types go like on a holiday from their “real” list/modes to relax and chill out. For those that play nothing but say Infinity Slayer, or BTIS, or SWAT or whatever, those lists/modes are every bit as competitive and deserve to be ranked as any other.

In a way, those so-called social lists/modes, such as SWAT, Infinity Slayer and BTIS, some could argue, show the only true rank of any individual, with one exception. In any of those lists, someone with a CSR50, is indeed a 50. The exception is that so would a CSR50 in Team Throwdown or Team Objectives be a 50.

But, that is about where the difference ends. Anyone with a CSR1 through to a CSR50 in SWAT, Infinity Slayer and BTIS, is actually that rank. On the other hand, just because someone has a CSR30 in Team Throwdown or Team Objectives, does not actually mean that he or she is really that rank. Many of us have read the recent Bulletin where it was explained that:

Now, can you then carry a worse player? In a sense, yes, but only as high as the average skill of the group. Two 40s won’t bring a 10 up to a 40, but instead they will all end up around 30. Does that accurately represent that 10’s skill? Well, if that 10 plays alone, then no, it is grossly overestimating that players skill. However, if that player ALWAYS plays with two 40 CSR friends, then 20 of that player’s skill is playing with the right friends.

I was shocked!

I never played Halo 3 really, as Halo Reach was my first Halo game. Now I know the truth about the so-called competitive Halo 3 ranks and those in halo 4, I think it funny how many have in so many, many threads on these forums insisted on Team based, win/loss system…even calling for such to be implemented for the so-called social lists too. Why? Because it would seem many don’t, IMO, like the idea of their inabilities as a player to be known to others. How can anyone seriously hold say a rank 30 player in a team of 4, where the other three are say 40s and they always play together, as being better than a 30 in the individual play lists. Don’t you all know that means, without a doubt that the 30 is really a 10, as the Bulletin points out! Unless someone is actually a CSR50, or to be fair, about a CSR45 or above, then how are we to know the true rank/skill of the individual player.

I don’t think it should be called CSR at all. It should be two different ranks. Individual Rank ‘IR’ for the SWAT, Infinity Slayer etc lists and Team Rank ‘TR’ for Team Throwdown etc. After all, any rank obtained in the latter is based on the four individuals playing as a unit and the rank is actually based on that unit winning or losing. TR would be more honest and transparent.

So, for example, someone might have the following ranks:

Team Throwdown TR23
Team Objectives TR40

The first two ranks are not about the individual but, were clearly earned as being part of a team effort. The last two were earned on an individual basis. TR23 might indicate that you are part of a Team which is not that good at Team Throwdown while IR38 could indicate that you are fairly good at BTIS. TR40 might indicate that your team is really good at Team Objectives while IR12 means you should play something else besides SWAT (just kidding 12s!).

IMO, it solves much of the rubbish I read about past Halo games where people of certain ranks acted all high and mighty. If someone has TR30, we can all relax and ignore their boasting they make at say a TR3 as their somehow being superior. Why, because in all likely hood a couple of TR40s carried them to that rank!

I simply can not take any CSR seriously in the so-called competitive lists unless he or she is at or above CSR45. Yes,I am taking an arbitrary number,it might be lower actually, say 40; this is,after all, my opinion. and is not based on exact science but, rather, what 343i has stated in the latest Bulletin.

Any how, that’s my thought on the subject of CSR.

So, what do you fellow Halo Waypoint forum reader/writer think? Agree?Disagree? Bit of both? Type away…