CSR Limiting while Unranked

343 Industries,

I completely support the new CSR limiting. There are plenty of other ways to play with my friends who are lower rank.

However, you should be able to play with anyone while you are still unranked. The new system almost incentives you ranking in by yourself. I could not play with friends who are the same rank as me or even lower because I myself or they had not ranked in. CSR Limiting should start as soon as you become of rank.

No system will ever be perfect because there is always a way around this issue.

Also, change the “Server issue” tag line to “CSR Limit Reached” so people don’t think there is an issue with the server. Especially if it because of this new update.


PsYcO v1

I’m not even sure I understand this issue. You actually cannot play with unranked friends (until they rank in with their 10 or so matches) because of the CSR Limiting?

What’s the objective of that system then? (I don’t play ranked, so I’m not familiar with why this is needed.)