CSR, KDA, Radar, Servers?

Topic pretty much summs it up. Can someone please explain how this game works?

KDA means nothing so dont worry about it. If you do then i believe its kills+assists/deaths. Not 100% on that though.

CSA is a measure of your overall skill, this number is calculated based on your win percentage of your first 10 games and how k/d of those games. Then it can only be risen by winning matches. This number is used to matchmake you against players of similar skill.

Radar is only 18 m i think, so if a player moves within the range you can see them on the radar. I dim dot means they are either above you or below you. Only really good to avoid assassinations.

Uh the thing you connect to to play your games, mostly based in the U.S hence the occasional lag non-U.S players have. Someone else could probably explain it.

Kda is ((kills+assists/3)-deaths))/games so it’s a measure of spread per game, factoring in assists. CSR is just the ranking in game, it goes up and down from wins and losses, the amount depends on who you face and your performance I think.
Radar is just radar? It’s a little smaller and is hard to tell what elevation people are on but it’s okay.
Servers are poor at the moment because region lock is removed, you’ll notice that some games are just way harder for no obvious reason, and chances are that’ll be when an American is talking in the lobby (unless your are American then don’t worry)

Thanks for the heads up guys. I’ll try to get better with this info. However the lag from the americans and their chatter - especially the chatter - gets the better of me to often. Either they dont die or they wont shut up.

Btw, I’m new to this whole Xbox thing. The One is my first Xbox. Was mainly on PlayStation and Nintendo and still am so if you want to add me feel free.
sebzweidrei is my gamertag and i’m based in germany.
Some games I like to play are:
Halo MCC
Tomb Raider
The Division
Sunset Overdrive

Cheers and thanks again,

Alllllllll broken.