CSR issue?

After winning 3 games of SWAT and doing pretty well, I went from 10% through my rank (Diamond 3) to about 30% through my rank in some pretty balanced matches with me front running or placing in the top 3 for the other two. I then lost 2 games. One against Champion #115 and then against Champion #179. I went down 70%. De-ranking me to Diamond 2 with roughly 50% or 60% progress. What makes those games weighted so much heavier?

This is a post of curiosity, and it is not the first time this has happened since reaching Diamond ranking. But this is the first competitive season I have ever played. I only recently started playing Halo 5 multiuplayer within the last 2 weeks. Before that, the last time i remember was like 2015. So I am really curious.

That doesn’t make sense but yeah i see where you’re coming from, hopefully you find more fair matches.