CSR is still broken

I’m fed up with CSR, Halo 5 has been out for 4 months now and nothing has been done to fix the obviously flawed competitive ranking system. I’m appreciate of what 343 has done but feel this has become of high priority.
The problem is the ranking system takes into account if you win or lose, nothing else, not your performance, not how -Yoink- your team are, not even if half your team quit and you are playing 2v4 the entire match and you then get punished for losing as if your team lost. NO! The two -Yoinks!- who quit lost you the game, I know player skill is important but to win objective game types like strongholds, assault and ctf it’s borderline impossible to win 3v4, yet alone 2v4.
I honestly feel as if my rank is at the mercy of whether or not other players choose to quit and screw me over.
Done with Halo 5 competitive :frowning:

Well you could always look at Halo: Reach’s individual skill ranking system, that is, before they changed it to W/L only.

Do you think there’s a reason they went from Individual stat tracking to W/L?

You need to play with a team. Best way to ensure you do not get stuck with random who quit.