CSR goes down but doesn't go up

I won 3 games and lost one, out of those three games I lost 1 CSR. I got first place in every match even the one I lost. I first gained around 6 CSR, then I lost 1 CSR then gained 1 CSR then even when getting around 25 kills and 10 assists I gained 1 CSR.

Eventually, I won the last game I played and gain no CSR even though I had gotten first place again.

The matchmaking is also really really poor as I went on a team with a plat 3 and an onyx with 1750 even though I’m 1550.

Just lost 10 CSR after losing a game and only gained 5 after winning hard.

Update: I found out I lost 10 CSR because the game thought I left midgame even though I left at the end screen where it shows your stats.

Same type of thing is happening to me. Gain 1 csr or lose 13. Some games are not registering as a played match.

Yeah, a super integral part of the game that is super buggy. Along with BTB being broken this really goes to show the multiplayer is very buggy. Really bums me out how high some people can get through a few rounds and then some people gain 1 CSR and lose far more primarily based on whether you win or lose. even though they say the game is based on performance.