CSR goes down after doing amazing

I will out score everyone by around 200 points with a good k/d and I will go down in rank. I don’t get it. Can anyone explain?

CSR doesn’t care about 1 amazing game and I believe it even lags behind by 1 game in updating.

Play more games. Be consistently good.

EDIT: also it helps if you tell us what playlist you’re playing in as many don’t care whether you personally did well - only if you team won.

  1. What playlist was it? Individual performance is meaningless in a team-scoring playlist as only wins and losses matter. It also takes longer to rank up or down in team scoring playlists.

  2. The change in your rank is determined by the rank of your opponents and teammates in the game. If you play incredibly well against players on average 20 ranks below you, it doesn’t mean much as the game expects you to do well. A good performance against players ranked higher than you will boost your rank more and a poor performance against players ranked lower than you will drop your rank a lot.

  3. CSR updates typically have a 1 game lag and will only reflect matches that show up in your game history. If you don’t see your most recent match there, then it hasn’t been factored into your rank yet.

> I will out score everyone by around 200 points with a good k/d and I will go down in rank. I don’t get it. Can anyone explain?

It’s kind of like the lottery. It’s all based on chance.

It seems to me that the whole concept is flawed, who has played better someone getting 20 kills and 20 deaths, or someone getting 16 kills and 5 deaths? The latter in my opinion, but score (and CSR) will not reflect that!

Irrespective of rank or anything H4 is all about kills, deaths dont come into it.
i see the same thing with Spartan Ops too, I dont bother playing co-op as its just silly, people rush it throw some grenades maybe melee a few to death, then die and respawn and do the same thing again. That exact same thing happens in MM, until you start getting penalised for dying it wont change.

Its team slayer and I’m consistently doing very well even while my team does bad and I will continue to go down. So its just confusing, I also go in by myself so I don’t go in with friends that are lower levels. I would assume if you go in by yourself you get matched up with similar CSR levels.

I’ve noticed CSR rank go down in one game type I hadn’t even played recently.

I’m in the same boat, started off at 42 in Swat yesterday and must of played around 20/30 games and finishing in top 2 in pretty much every game other than the join in progress ones and I’m now sitting at 39. I really can’t understand why they just don’t make every game whether you win or lose. I know it gets annoying when you get people in your team who are going -10 all the time but it gives you something to try for and you know exactly what you rank up for. The current ranking system is just confusing everybody and doesn’t make any sense.

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