CSR, DNF, & partial game history complaint.

I’ve been trying to get a level 50 in BTB. I’ts been frustrating and seemingly impossible as of late. Not because I’m having bad games. But because most of my performances are listed as DNF with HALF of my kills, assists, medals, etc all removed from the post game stats. Or in some cases the game doesn’t show up at all in the history. This happens at least once out of every 5 games lately. I’ve been putting up some decent numbers today with the exception of one game where i broke even. But not only have i not leveled up today, I’ve actually went down levels after a game didn’t appear in the history.

Normally i would just brush this off and keep going. But its been happened far more often these past few weeks. I want to know if this is my issue alone or if others are having similar problems? And is 343 doing something about this?

There is a simple reason for why this happens, although I don’t believe it use to affect your level progression in past halos. Anyways, if you don’t get host and the host leaves the game (you go to black screen), the game will usually be listed as a DNF.

It’s completely unfair and I feel your frustration. It just so happens that you get DNF games more often when you win, because the other team can’t handle the beating. This is just another HUGE advantage of getting host in this game.

I’m currently a 46 in BTB but I should have had a 50 a long time ago.

I hear ya. With how much i play BTB i figured i would’ve been a 50 by now. So i started keeping track of my games and found that some of my biggest wins are missing or listed as DNF with partial stats. And if it really is due to the host quitting/black screen… then thats BS and it should be fixed ASAP.