I just logged on and started playing SWAT. My rank is Onyx 1503. After a 3-0 start my new rank was Onyx 1520. I backed out of the playlist to get a friend. I went to launch and the game said my rank was Onyx 1503. We went into a game and lost, now it is Onyx 1500. Can anyone explain this to me?

it’s completely bugged - it’s that simple. I have no idea how it assigns the initial rank, I haven’t seen anybody under onyx (no gold silver or bronze) so it must have a problem adjusting the numbers

just weird loading, but you should add me! I am Onyx and in the 1500’s for swat… Lets rank up together.

I’m new to these forums, obviously, but yea add me… GT is same. But I have seen gold, silver and platinum ranks. Not many Onyx ranks to be honest.

Mine has done the same i peaked at 1991 and cant progress only lose