CSR bugged and not progressing

So I won, 5 games in a row. One of which in where I got 34 kills, was expected to have 20 and died at least 10 less than expected.

But, my CSR/rank didn’t budge. Not even a little, I just don’t understand why this happened. 5 wins in a row and only in my last game did my rank increase and it was or seemed to be nearly the smallest amount possible.

Could anyone help me understand why this is or is it a bug? I’ve already submitted a ticket.

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Your CSR changes;

  • up with win and down with a loss.
  • with the size of the upset (to a max of 15 points)
  • so that your CSR moves towards your MMR

If you CSR didn’t move much you either beat a bunch of sides ranked below you and/or have a CSR that is already above your MMR (and it’s resisting moving further away).

The CSR does not move on personal performance. But the 34 & 20 game may have pushed your MMR a bit (especially if the opposition was ranked the same as you).

I understand that but it didn’t move at all. One of the games we won the enemy MMR was 70 above ours. Not to mention my teammates who performed either better or worse all got progression. Even an onyx teammate got progression when I didn’t.

Not moving at all isn’t unusual - the end result being rounded down. But it is a bit unusual a few games in a row.

It’s a pity we don’t have access via the API of our MMR trends.

Whatever the behaviour is I’m sure it’s got something to do with you squadding up with your Onyx buddy. It does tend to resist the lower player from ranking up - but I’ve never got my head around the specifics.

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Submitting a ticket is really the only route to take. Glad you did that.

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There were people lower than my rank in our squad who were performing worse sometimes and still progressing every game. It’s just a very bizarre scenario to me.

Just went 19 & 5, steaktacular’d on streets slayer and still nothing moved.

What the hell?

Your CSR goes up on the win, the size of the upset, and for which way your MMR is pulling on your CSR.

19 & 5 doesn’t come into it.

It does look like you’ve edged up to 1392 though. So that’s a win!

If this is CSR working the way it’s meant to, than the whole system is broken.

It’s not a win. If the CSR was working as intended, I’m sure Halo support would’ve told me that by now. As I’ve already explained, I got some pretty large ‘upsets’ where I won and performed above expected against higher MMR teams and got nothing.

Please stop trying to rationalise this error. lol

Yea, no. That’s odd. Even taking a gander at your stats and it’s just really odd. As someone else said maybe send a ticket, cause it seems like a bug.

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I have. Thanks! I recently changed controllers which has helped me play quite a bit better than I was before. My last was broken, maybe it thinks I’m cheating.

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Very odd. I’d expect it to increase, even if only a tiny amount, with each win.

To stay static despite winning sounds like something’s broken lol

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Just trying to help.

And you may indeed find something via your ticket.

But just in case.

You started at 1390. You jumped into a squad with an Onyx player a couple of hundred points above you. We know that tends to diverge the rank gains. And I assume that if it wasn’t a glitch - this is the main reason your CSR didn’t behave as expected.

And I don’t know for sure, but I think the main problem in this situation is that the higher ranked player takes all the kills, leaving you always “below expected” (which is calculated from your past history vs that MMR) and that drives your MMR down.

Let’s assume you started off with an MMR below your CSR - which is the main reason someone for a low CSR gain.

Game 1 you went 7 & 17 and your fellow D4 went 18 & 19. So even though CSR doesn’t look at personal performance you probably pushed your MMR further down on this game. It also looked like the game was stacked in your favour.

Game 2 you went 13 & 16. Your fellow D4 went 28 & 11. Again, it looks like you underperformed. MMR now even lower than your CSR. Which makes it even harder for your CSR to go up.

Game 3 you did much better. 34 & 22. Your reference buddy only went 30 & 33. So you may have done some repair to your sagging MMR. But I don’t know how good your opponents were. They all went negative and your Onyx pal went 57 & 22.

Game 4 was a -yoink-. One of their players quit before the game started. And the rest soon after. Nothing to see here.

Game 5 you did Ok. Broke even at 11 & 11. Your D3 buddy had a day out 16 & 6. But your Onyx pal did all the work 34 & 7 (which means you probably didn’t hit expected kills and deaths). It was over 200:44 so again, maybe not high level opponents.

Game 6 you went solo and started to express yourself 19 & 5. The start, hopefully of climbing away from 1390!

But your MMR is probably still low. It will take a few wins to get it close enough to your CSR to start earning points again.

So again, good luck with your ticket. I agree that the CSR not moving at all for five or six games is unusual. But actually looking at your scores vs your team mates I’m not sure you really did a lot to move it much anyway. You only went positive in one game while your team mates seemed to do it more often. You had an Onyx player taking all the kills.

This won’t get your MMR above your CSR. And that is the main thing stopping your CSR going up. That plus some some rounding down of integers left you “treading water”.

We also know MMR is calculated to four decimal places. CSR likely to the same. Although I really doubt their precision warrants that.

But imagine you start at 1389.5000

This rounds up to 1390.

You could then gain less than 0.2000 CSR for at least five games and still round back to 1390.

You stay at 1390 until you get to 1390.5000