CSR Broken! Need to change!

Been playing every Halo 5 since it came out. Now after a couple years, 343 decides to change and break the ranking system! You gain minimal csr and even if you win 10 games and barely gain anything, if you lose 1 game it drops down a huge chunk of your level. You have to win like 100 games with no loss to even increase rank now. Good job 343… too bad your awesome plan backfired because more than half of the large community I play with just quit halo this week because of your ignorant attempt to update from a broken system to something better. The system wasn’t great but now you made it worse! Thanks for breaking it and losing more of the community daily because the die hard players are not grinding to get 1 loss and throw away hours spent for 1 level increase. I played earlier… got 1st place multiple rounds… every round I had like 9.0 kd. My service record is only 3.4 kd. So I did better than my typical average, won the game, in 1st place. Didn’t gain anything for 6 rounds. Lost 1 round and dropped half a level. 343 that is embarrassing… Need to change things before you lose everyone who makes the community what it is

There is a thread in the match making feed back section that explains what is going on with the CSR… Basically the CSR now reflects what was your hidden matchmaking rank and some players had inflated ranks so they aren’t gaining CSR now even with a win. Yeah it’s pretty frustrating. But then again H5 CSR has always been frustrating. I am on another break from H5, playing other games and MCC. Besides once the MCC update hits odds are I won’t play H5 at all, except maybe warzone turbo.

This thread explains what’s happening. Be sure to read the first post.