crystal and nitro- map feedback would be appreciated (updated versions)

[Crystal](, supports up to 16 people

red spawn- pic 1 pic 2
blue spawn- pic 1 pic 2


  • 2x snipers (8 shots each)
    -1x rockets (4 shots)
    -1x grenade launcher (6 shots)


  • 4x mongoose

please download the map, check it out and give some feedback and improvements

[Nitro](, a close quarter map that supports up to 12 players

Red spawn
Blue spawn
Whole map

-2x snipers
-2x shotguns
-2x concusion riffle
-1x grenade launcher

if you download the maps, please give feedback and improvements



-grenade count needs to be changed to 40 seconds

-To many DMR’s

-on the top where the snipers spawns, put a Cover Crenellation on both sides of the glass cover so you have cover when you shoot the sniper.

-I would decrease some of the grenades only because around almost every corner you can get a grenade. It is just a small map so people would be dying from grenades more.

-Need Health Packs

Good map though.




-Mongoose only. But limit it to 1 per team.

-grenade count needs to be changed to 40 seconds.

-change your snipers to 140-145 seconds.

-remove the spawn behind the bent wall in the corner. or make it open so they can use it for cover and get the supplies behind the wall corner.

-to many DMR’s

-Need health packs

This one I like a lot. Its not small and has multiple levels and a mixture of perspectives. Good job. I hope these feedbacks help.

thanks jedi, i will update the maps soon, i did forget about the health packs on each map

No problem dude! I am always here to help fellow forgers. It is sad that no one else would give you any feedback. If you want, after all is updated and you get more screen shots; go to and register and post your maps there. I am going to be doing the same after I update some of my previous map pack maps that are on my file share. After I take them all down I will reupload the one I have fixed.

i would but trying to make a post confuses me, it looks complicated

When I make my posts I will walk you through it.

okay thanks, i have a few maps i want to put on there

i have posted the updated versions of the maps

I’ll take a look at them. I just recently posted Dark Hole Games Map Pack Collection pack on my file share. If you wish to download them go to and you can download them.

Nitro: I like that you took out a few DMR’s, but I would give more variety with the guns like Needle Rifle since that has a scope on it like the DMR.

You also forgot to change all the spawn counts on the grenades from 15 second to 35-40 seconds.
Also I noticed you don’t have a soft kill boundary in the sky unless I can’t find it or unless the game already has it in the setting so you wont need one.

Crystal: I like that you took out the covenant vehicle. I still think 1 mongoose would be fine, but two might be alright. On the red side where you have the one mongoose out in the open, the incline is to far into the floor so I would do this:

-remove the large incline
-Replace the large incline with a medium incline.
-take a 2x2 flat to fill in the gap (keep it leveled with the other 2x2 blocks)
-take small railing pieces to fill in the side gaps and problem solved

X(width) -59.2
Y(depth) -120.8
Z(height) 18.5
X(pitch) 0.0
Y(YAW) -90.0
z(Roll) 7.0

Thats the properties for the medium incline.

You need to do this on the blue side too, only difference is you don’t need to add another 2x2 flat block or the small railing pieces

X(Width) -43.7
Y(Depth) -77.3
Z(Height) 18.7
X(Pitch) 0.0
Y(YAW) 89.0
Z(Roll) 0.0

Medium incline properties

Also I see you took out the spawn point behind the wall corner but still left it closed. Your going to have better gamplay if the player spawns behind the wall so they don’t get spawn killed but leave it open enough so they can go in and out of that area. Not having them jump over it to get a gun, etc.

lastly, you forgot to change the grenade spawn count from 15 second to 35-40 seconds. And again I don’t know if the game has the soft kill boundary already set in the game but if not you would need to put one of those in high in the sky. I saw the ones around the map and below.

If you have any questions let me know. Don’t take my review for your maps personal, I am just giving opinions. It is your map and you do as you wish :slight_smile:

i have updated the maps again, changed the grenade times and fixed the ramp thing



> i have updated the maps again, changed the grenade times and fixed the ramp thing
> Crystal**
> **

> Nitro

Awesome! Then your all set. Sorry if I annoyed you with my recent feedback.

its okay, its always the little things that make a difference