Cryptum video???

Well i just got all the terminals in Halo 4 and now im trying to do that classifieds thing and it says to collect all the terminals in halo 4 and pay attention to the “Cryptum video”. Any help here?

I haven’t done this yet but I’m guessing you’re supposed to watch the terminal videos on waypoint, or at least the Cryptum one. And put in the correct code too of course.

the waypoint app on the xbox? alright.

How do I rewatch the video in Waypoint?

there were 5 symbols, but actually its not the right code… :frowning:

i cant figure out how to watch them either?

From the main menu of Waypoint, go left to your gamertag service record, then go all the way right to Campaign, then go left to see the videos you’ve found in Halo 4.

The last video of the terminals (cryptum) gives you five of the ten (I think, either that or 9) that you need. I read some where that you could try flipping them upside down to get the others needed. But I don’t think that’s the case here. They do look like puzzle pieces as others have said, but with out the other five, that doesn’t help either. Ive been trying to figure this out for a bit now and haven’t made any head way. Read on another forum that symbols have been popping up on some random stuff, but that hasn’t helped me any. If anyone can shed some on how to figure this out, that would be greatly appreciated.

I cant watch cryptum video it says “there was a problem playing the selected video from the halo waypoint server.”

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