Crusading Spirit Fleet - Why Join a Bunch of Losers When You Can Win?

I am Avu Med 'Telcam (GT: Avu Med Telcam), Imperial Admiral of the Crusading Spirit Fleet, an all Elite clan. We are seeking new, quality members who meet our qualifications to join our Fleet.

-In order to join, you must complete the following requirements:

> *Must favor the Covenant side of Halo as we are based off of Elite structure
> *At least 14 years of age
> *Have a mic, or be able to accurately hear and listen to orders
> *Have an understanding of discipline & respect
> *Must be able to follow orders and learn call outs

-What we offer to you as a member:

> *Regular Matchmaking Sessions including: Big Team Battle, Invasion, etc.
> *A Professional website accurately depicting our clan and clan information
> *A competitive ranking and squad system, creating new ways to prove yourself in Halo
> *A game within The Covenant based on Halo Reach skill
> *High level respectable members
> *A very well put together command structure
> *Clan Matches and Clan Events

-Ranking System
Here’s a brief look at our ranking system, from highest commander down:

> The Crusading Spirit Fleet Ranking Tier

-A small amount of History
The Crusading Spirit Fleet has outlasted and overcome many different clans since our foundation back in the Halo 3 days of June 14th, 2010, and continues to be a strong force in the Halo community. Back then, our goal was to unify sangheili players and strengthen their talent through matchmaking to prove dominance over the UNSC, and continue to dominate today.

-We Are Not a Group!
Unlike the majority of Elite Players on Halo we are not ten-year-olds, as you can see by our requirements. When you join this Clan, you will be part of our community, with that you must make yourself present on our site from time to time, but Xbox Live is by far the more important. You will earn your rank not by how much you post but on how well you do in Battle and if you meet each rank requirements.

-Clan Matches
We are also actively seeking clans to have friendly clan matches with. We only do 8v8 matches, best 2 out of 3. One map and gametype chosen by your group, the second by us, then for the third we agree upon it. If you are interested, please contact us (see contact information).

-Contact information
If you are interested in joining, setting up a clan match, or just have questions, you may contact myself via PM or over XBL by adding myself, Avu Med Telcam, to your friends list.

-Recent Events
The Crusading Spirit Fleet took on the Wolves of War and emerged victorious. The remnants of the Sangheili Salvation also have merged into the Spirit. Every day we grow stronger.