Crouch Comm

Last night I was playing Warzone Assult and in one match a team mate knocked me off a crate I was claiming on. At first, I thought that we just bummed into each other. But then he spartan charged me and just stood there as if he was challenging me. I’m thinking WTF, he’s supposed to be on my team.
Weeks ago, I had seen these two guys crouching in front of each other as if signaling to one another, and then run off together as if they teamed up or something. So I crouched once and he crouched twice. But then we just stood there looking at each other. He ran off and I followed him. We didn’t do much because we got our -Yoinks!- blown away. But it left me thinking, is there a system of communication between players without mics that involves crouching that I don’t know of? If there is, how does this work? If there isn’t, should we develop this form of communication?

NO there is not lol. Usually when people crouch in front of you its to let you know it was done on purpose.

Crouch crouch, crouuuch. Crouch.

Psh, newb :stuck_out_tongue:

And here I thought it was “t-baglatin” a very fluent language in halo.