Crotch randomly doesn't work while shooting and strafing

So this never had this problem before I shifted the button for crotch from my right stick to the left upper bumper on my elite controller series 2. It only seems to happen in higher ping games and doesn’t seem to mess up at all in lower ping. Is any one else having this issue?


I’m assuming you mean crouch. If not, consult your doctor.


I cannot stop laughing lmaoo bruhhh

Seriously though, if your crouch isn’t working with one button, try a different button, any button. It might just be your button is broken

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That would be pretty awful, if my crotch just suddenly stopped working while shooting, or strafing. Kind of makes you wonder how you got to shoot at all if your crotch stopped working.

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My crouch doesn’t always work when mapped to ALT in keyboard. I though it was my keyboard having a bad ALT key. Maybe it’s the game.

If you or loved one suffer from Crotch Dysfunction Disorder–

Crotch randomly doesn’t work[…]

Yeah, I feel that.

Might want to get that checked out…or edit the title.

You’re not alone, friend.

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Sounds more like a Cyberpunk issue :rofl:

On a serious note, crouching and strafing will be affected or difficult for some players imo.

People keep telling me not to jump and crouch instead, but I just keep jumping and it keeps working.

OMG this is funny. I totally didn’t mean to, but I am glad I did. I may try to remap my crotch button and see if that works.


Alrighu I swapped my keyboards keys from t to u.
Has anyone been having urouble with crouch nou working properly?