Crossprogression not working

I’ve just bought Halo 3 on Steam to play with some friends and none of my data from my Xbox account seems to be transferring over. No achievements, stats, anything. I have signed in with the same email address my Xbox Gamertag uses, but there’s no data. If I try Account Linking, I just get an error message saying “Failed to open Account Linking”. I can’t access the Exchange right now and the Season is apparently offline and on Season 0. All information I can find relating to this is either troubleshooting from MCC’s launch on how to log into your account in the first place or, regarding the Season 0 issue, more recent but supposedly fixed when Season 8 came out. The Waypoint seems to have threads that might have answered my problem but, with the revamp of the site, the website devs managed to make every single link that might resolve my issue into a 404 page, so I’m stumped.

I’d show pictures of this, but I can’t share links to the imgur post and trying to upload the images directly to the forums gets me told off for trying that as well. “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.” Brilliant site revamp.

Having now watched someone else load up MCC for the first time, they got the Steam overlay popping up on their first launch as they logged in, asking them to link accounts. I did not get this. Now what?

Also, apparently, the site’s screwed up and has attributed my original post to some random guy. Is this anything to do with this complete screw up I’m experiencing?

Unrelated to any game issues you’re experiencing, but a known issue that’s being investigated


Fixed: For anyone in the future who has the same issue, my Steam name had some special Unicode characters in. While it could have just fixed itself overnight, changing my profile name to remove those seems to have been the catalyst to allowing the Steam overlay popup to occur.