Crossplay toggle?

That any game allows for cross-platform without a filter is beyond me. Even with the newer hardware bringing console players slightly closer by way of outright hardware performance, there is no comparison between skill ceilings between KBM and controller, one medium is simply more precise and faster than the other. Not to mention higher end rigs still completely blow away consoles and its been proven that FPS has a huge impact in competive gameplay.

This is definitely a feature 343i needs to at least address by launch. I can’t exactly get all wounded that they haven’t commented on it as we’re 6 days into a beta and they’re literally drowning in redundant feedback posts, but by Dec 8 there had better be some comment or change from 343i.


I want to opt-out from cross-play because I’m on xbox. For two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to play PC cheaters.
  2. I’ve seen PC clips. Holy -Yoink!- they are not even playing the same game as I am, Sidearm-maps back to back in lightningfast TTK’s. No thanks!

For anyone trying to argue that controller is OP, you’re wrong and even if you aren’t; great then we can both agree cross-play should be optional! :slight_smile:


I would like to hear / read an official statement from 343i.

How can we achieve this?

hope 343i would know about it as its not too late for cheaters to mess up console gaming environment

Looks like they wont listen to us community.

Everybody should create a topic mentioning the need for “both”, CROSSPLAY and INPUT options (like MCC). In addition, people should actively engage in those topics in order to elevate the reach (not just likes but also comments).

I’m not sure if it helps if everyone creates a new discussion thread in this forum…

Did anyone reach out to the 343i folks on Twitter?

I agreewe should be able to turn crossplay off completely so we can play against console players only

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Yepppppppp, since there are already aimbots and wall hacks.

we need cross play toggle in game! IF not then this is absolutely consumer-unfriendly

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Agree with you man, hackers are already arrived on PC.