Crossplay toggle?

Cant agree more. Hope they will give us an official response.

@FancyOxygen I really hope, yes… even more worse than no toggle is complete silence from the dev studio. another example:

Battlefield 2042 - one of the hottest thread in the EA Battlefield forum, since the launch last week, is related to no built-in toggle to disable cross-play for Xbox Series S/X, while controller aim assist is completely broken and k&m not supported with consoles. More than 400 posts in this thread but not a single word from EA Dice, not in the forum, not on Twitter… complete silence!

So I really hope 343 addresses our concerns and response to it.

I hope they take it into consideration at the least, MCC allowed us to choose so this is a regression in choice and I don’t like that I’m forced into crossplay for the sake of keeping the cross-population high.

I’m cautious at this point however, I think we’ll either get no response about it or a vague ‘we heard your feedback’, most crossplay enabled titles award you with the choice to stay in your own ecosystem and it’s an appreciated feature.

I don’t mind the crossplay but I wouldn’t mind being able to change my input to controller or m&kb only - I can’t seem to find that anywhere.

That’s only in ranked. Unfortunately.

Yep, we need a crossplay toggle.

I don’t want to play against M & K predominantly, but I also don’t want to play against potential hackers when they kick in.

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It shows for me there but it doesn’t let me change to anything other than crossplay - social I can deal with, for now.

Just as long as being able to switch is an option and not madatory, I personally don’t see the harm in it. I can’t see the population getting so low it would affect search times anytime soon and if for whatever reason you can’t find a match you turn the crossplay (input or platform) back on. If MCC was able to survive with both toggles and still have a consistent player base on top of the cgb I cant see why Infinite would have a problem.

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EXACTLY!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I agree, I think if we don’t get a crossplay toggle at the least the option to toggle input should be available, MCC had a long wait-time per game in specific modes because there really just wasn’t that many people looking for matches in most playlists & the population wasn’t that commendable to begin with after a few months of it’s PC launch for a factor of reasons, mostly because the games were quite dated and people had already played them plenty years before, Infinite won’t suffer from this.

Why is there no official response yet?

We definitely need a cross-play toggle. I don’t want to play with PC gamers for a couple of reasons (- no offense, folks). Like others have already stated: It’s just unfair & unbalanced for us and I don’t want to have to face cheaters in my games. I don’t really care for my K/D ratio, but I’d still love to compare myself with other console players, who have the same equipment and therefore the same chances of winning/losing.


yes, but it looks like they dont want to change it, sucks.

We need to wait, 343i usually addresses the community concerns. But, at the moment the progression systems is much more under heavy fire from all sides…

But there must be a solution in the future, as we have to assume we’ll see cheaters and hackers on the PC side. And I don’t believe they will then ignore the Xbox player base…

But yeah, any communication would be super nice… Just as a parallel note: the same story with Battlefield 2042, no in-game option for Xbox but for PC and PS5 (even worse, you cannot even use a k&m on console and aim assistant is broken!). No response, feedback, nothing from EA Dice why they removed the in-game option, which was available in the Battlefield 2042 Beta…

I assume it’s because they’re probably discussing progression right now, it’d be appreciated at the least if we were notified where they stand on this topic soon though.

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We definitely need a Crossplay toggle + Device Input for Socials, having no option just feels forced

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But why they still dont reply yet, really sucks.

Can we please get any official statement from 343i? I think it’s, next to the progression and battle pass system, the next big one who has huge impact on the gaming experience and game play, and thus relevant for “customer churn”.

Need it for ranked as well. Right now ranked only has input option but only if you are in a party of one or two.

Currently the multiplayer beta is very hard to enjoy. I have been having many problems in matches while playing against. M&K. The stability and control they have over their aim is unreal due to processing speed and just their ability to use a faster aiming controller that is the mouse. I feel that just by giving the option to disabling cross play would significantly improve the quality of life for console players and possibly even PC players. But at the current state, even the more competitive console players, are leaving the casual multiplayer behind and even the game in a whole. I see a lot of people say that giving a better aim assist will fix this issue, but while I have been playing, I feel the current system for aiming is fine and I see no issue in it. Therefore I believe the resolution to this overwhelming issue is to at least add the option to turn off cross play after the beta is over. Giving the development team enough data to work with.