Crossplay toggle?

Some food for thought here, but from what I recall besides the confirmation of input-based ranked modes, we have yet to get a definitive confirmation on if crossplay can be toggled in general, they had a chance to confirm (or deny) it’s existence in the PC overview but it was oddly absent from the discussion.

I’d very much like the option to disable crossplay, and it’d be unfortunate to see it absent for the sake of keeping the cross-population high, the choice to opt in/out would be appreciated.


A choice (platform / input) as in mcc would be very welcome

to date we have only confirmations for a separation of the input on ranked


Out of curiosity, why would you want to disable cross-play? Is it because you’ll be playing on Xbox and would like to avoid the possibility of cheaters that comes from playing with PC players? Or is it because you’re on PC and only want to play with fellow members of the glorious PC master race?

(Please don’t take offense at that last part, I’m only joking.)


Partly because cheating, it’ll become a problem eventually & no commitment to stop cheaters will stop cheaters if the anti-cheat is poor & given my experiences with MCC & assuming they’re not going to implement a kernel level anti-cheat (not that it’s an unbreakable way to stop cheaters) my concern with this problem is high.

Also I just want to play against my fellow console players, it’s a more fair environment, I’d even compromise with input-based matchmaking but we’ve only got a confirmation that it’ll exist in ranked and not social play, so that’s worrying.

tl;dr - the choice would be very much appreciated and it’s something the MCC has so there isn’t really an excuse not to implement it.


I don’t think MCC is a good reference for anti-cheat, as it’s kind of the red-headed step child of 343i’s Halo right now. That being said, as much as I play MCC, I haven’t seen any cheating that I’m aware of. Even DDoSing seems to have been curbed.

As an exclusively PC player of the last few years, with a lifetime of console gaming previously, I think people are blowing the concept of cheats out of proportion. With the exception of Warzone that has no anti-cheat, it is really not that common. They gotta have some of the best resources for addressing security considering this is a major release for Microsoft Studios.

I personally believe the disparity of a controller with paddles, if not a modded controller, compared to a standard set of sticks is more of a threat to integrity than cheating. Maybe this game will be different, and it’ll be a wild scene for cheats but I wouldn’t count on it. We’ll have to wait and see at this point.

That’s surprising. I haven’t encountered any recently, possibly because I’ve been spending most of my multiplayer time in the custom game browser since that arrived, but I’ve definitely encountered a few earlier this year. Players getting perfect headshots without missing while zooming around through the air like some murderous hummingbird.


In the flight Im pretty sure I saw an option in the settings where you could toggle crossplay but with it being a flight it wasn’t operational which is understandable as they wanted to thoroughly test the features.

I hope they just enable a toggle for input and platform based matchmaking like in MCC. I don’t understand why there have to be 3 different input playlists for ranked.


I want to be able to control if I play against other controller players (on Xbox and Windows) or also M&K players. Mixing both input types does never result in a fair environment, thus, we should have the option and control to disable or enable it.

As with many F2P games, cheating will become a problem. Thus, we console player also need an option to opt-out from PC players, independent of the input type.

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I can understand filtering by input method but why platform? What is the difference if everyone is using the same device to play?

agree with you
. hope they are not going to make us disappointed in such a big anniversary

I think it is very necessary to add one in game toggle about crossing play, since you will never know if there are cheaters in social game matches. So mainly I agree with that idea.

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As of now, I am NOT recommending the game to my friends and will stop playing on the series X due to this. I have a wonderful PC but I refuse to play halo on PC.

In this game especially keyboard and mouse will destroy all console players. I don’t want to play with people on PC either, since it’s FTP and spans across two consoles I have a hard time believing the game will die if you split the player base.

It’s a no-brainer, add input, and device-based matchmaking.


Yes, it is necessary, just give us the rights to chose, but not forced.


After all, it is way more customer friendly to add the in game cross play toggle to let us choose, we will all be happy if it could happen.



Fully agreed… I call this also Responsible Gaming, similar to Responsible AI. The gaming system must offer the same accessibility for all, without discriminate a player base. No option to opt-out from PC player, with M&K and most probably better hardware than most console players (not addressing the risk with cheats on the open PC platform), discriminates the console players.

The same discussion happened in CoD Warzone and now in Battlefield 2042 too.

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yeah. I have to say that will be a serious problem if MS keeps silent and do nothing. It will ruin its own multiplayer gaming ecosystem itself.

@Mochi_Kaeru F2P on PC usually means also the risk with hacks, cheats… As PC is an open platform. Just look at Cod Warzone as the probably worst example… Even cheaters now complain about too many cheaters in the game! For Xbox users, there is no option to avoid this situation in Warzone, and I really don’t want to have the same experience in Halo Infinite…

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Xbox isn’t completely free of it, but I can understand.