Crossplay ruins so many game modes

Just let me turn it off… as if the latency isnt a good enough reason to the point where you get shot through walls but having to deal with actual cheaters and the disadvantage of aiming with a joystick than a mouse, this isnt including the faster fire rate which is accomplished via mouse.

I physically cant play swat due to mouse players just dominating “as expected” they slide and flick their mouse with ease. Cant win sidekick battles against someone who fires faster etc

Crossplay will kill this game for me faster than anything else. I hate being forced into stuff I never asked for… ever. You will never make it balanced for both so give me the OPTION to TURN OFF CROSSPLAY.


This is absolutely the biggest issue with the Sidekick. Gamemodes where there are Sidekick starts, M&K just have a huge advantage because a 1 mm mouseclick is faster than a 12 mm triggerpull AND because you can add “fire” to the scroll wheel, you can essentially fire this weapon full auto.

I still cannot believe that a game that values “equal starts” more than any other game in the world, introduces a starting weapon that essentially goes against that principle. :joy:


Meanwhile it is impossible to play ranked or against controllers because of all the autoaim on the BR.

Auto aim on the BR? The weapon barely has any aim assist. :joy:

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They had the perfect solution for it in MCC…

for me, as an xbox player with a controller, it puts me into a stupor: 1) Slow camera at maximum camera sensitivity 2) this aid in aiming - it bothers me a lot, I turn it off in all games. Why play a game that plays on its own? I have already created a similar theme on this site

PC get more AA on controller for some reason

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I and so many more agree with you 100% They have ruined the game [343) with crossplay for Console players. The lag you get playing with PC players due to it not being detected servers and playing peer-to-peer is horrible for Console players which gives a major advantage to PC. Also they have not only opened the door to cheating and it’s all over this game now with PC they have opened the door to Hackers. Reporting does nothing. Due to 343 doing nothing because they don’t have the numbers and the game is dying. Sad but true. 343 has made the game miserable for Console players. They force you to open PC and M&K to even get a damn game now trying to cater to PC players. Wall hacks and complete aim bot we run into every day and night now.