Crossplay needs to be rethought. Look to Apex Legends for example

We need to be able to turn crossplay off completely


This problem has been solved already in MCC. Why not in Infinite?

MCC had crossplay, but it strongly favored controller. I don’t know which side you played on but it’s really easy to tell from the PC side of things.

The problem has been solved by letting the players decide if they want crossplattform and -input play or not.

I play both but prefer controller since I can lean back and put my feet up and play more relaxed.

MKB is srs bzns mode, which is sometimes preferred but depends on the mood :slight_smile: .

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My apologies, I assumed wrongly and just got set straight.

Yes I agree with your statement up to a certain degree. I just would like to make it clear that some people don’t have the time or resources to approach both. But other than that, you make a fantastic point.

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Cross play should be selected to turn on or off in game but not being forcrd.


This is objectively false. Controller dominates this game due to aim assist. Data from HaloTracker shows that players in the Controller playlist have significantly higher accuracy than players in the Mouse/Keyboard playlist.

Have you looked at the data yourself or are you just taking the word of some sweaty dude who 100% plays PC from reddit? Even if this was true, Halo is meant to be played on controller and people who are the best at Halo are most likely playing on controller as they have been for the last 20 years

So never. the hacks are infinite just like the dark arts.