Crossover Rewards

Oh man, just had a great idea. Because of Infinite being F2P it’s very likely we’ll see a Battle Pass or equivalent right?
Imagine if we see crossover rewards like Sea of Thieves!!
Pirate armour, KI armour (Fulgore would be great!), Gears armour, hell, Banjo Kazooie armour!! :grin:
I’m not talking garish cosplay outfits, just subtle armour designs based on those IPs :heart_eyes:

Gears 5 already has playable Halo Spartans as characters.

You could play as a Spartan in Dead or Alive 4 and I loved that.

The COG helmet would not look out of place amongst some of the other armour options. Be interesting to see how hey handle this while still keeping true to the design of the game.

Banjo-Kazooie armor? Holy crap that sounds terrifying. I’m sure it’d anger some people but now I really wanna see and wear it. Love the idea. That’d be hilarious.