Crossover Fractures Events

So we know of two Fractures events so far. Tenrai with the Yoroi Samurai armor core and an upcoming Dieselpunk Armor Core for next season. It makes me wonder… what other Fractures stuff could we get?

Well, since Microsoft owns Bethesda and Gears of War…

Fractures - Coalition
Introduces the MEATGRINDER Armor Core, which is Gears of War themed armor.

Fractures - Nine Hells
Introduces the HELLWALKER Armor Core, which is the Praetor Suit themed armor with variants from Doom 2016 multiplayer.

Fractures - Wastelands
Introduces the ATOMIC Armor Core, which is inspired by the Power Armor of the Fallout franchise.

Whaddya guys think?

Of course, over time we might see the return/reimagining of Halo 3’s Fractures armor sets of Belos, Blackguard, and Drengr.


I really like this idea; I would also like if these Fracture Events would incorporate a new game mode to the playlists, like just for the sake of example

taking your gears of war fracture, maybe add a shotguns only (no grenades, no equipment) sprint only, to mimic the gears style a bit


gear of war and doom cross overs would be sick armor cores and weapon cores


If they are doing Bethesda tie-ins then I guess something Elder Scrolls would be on the table, I could imagine some fairly decent armor inspired by the Dragonborn for example.

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These ideas are quite interesting and way better than the cat ears, teddy bears and other stuff 343furries is pushing out.

If they would do stuff like this you could take them serious again.

Don’t disrespect Spartan Fuzzy Mittens like that dude

Ayo lemme get a Warlock, Hunter, and Titan core when they do the Destiny crossover in 7 years.

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Soooo… GUARDIAN Class Armor Core, with assets from all three of those classes?

That would be too generous. 343 and Bungie would nickel dime every last bit of those 3 separate cores, for as many helmets and attachments as 343 and Bungie can milk profits for

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Realistically yes.
Also realistically, 343 fails to do things properly on a majority of their choices.

To be fair to 343 the teddy bear is at least canonical, it’s the same teddy bear that Daisy-023 was given that she kept with her.

But yeah samurai armor and cat ears are pushing the lore a little bit too far for me.

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