Crosshair customization please

Title says it all, make it happen 343 please.


I don’t see why they would allow considering each weapon has a completely different crosshair if you’re meaning just changing the color of a crosshair okay that’s a little different but every single weapon has its own unique crosshairs so I doubt that they’re going to allow you to change them


Well that’s exactly what I want. In most arena games, and non arena(CS, overwatch) they have a personal crosshair for every gun. However they give you the choice to customize it to be what you want. This personal preference option, helps your skill level and to be consistent.

Halo infinite doesn’t need customizable crosshairs no Halo game has ever had them and I highly doubt the developers are even thinking of doing that the only way they might make customizable crosshairs is by making it to where the color can be changed

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This is one key reason mouse and key is so outclassed by controller

I can see them adding it way down the line as there are a lot of other things that take priority. But if they add it I would wager it’ll be in the store as a purchasable item.

Btw, your reticle can change throughout FOV slides. It’s not exactly what you want but only half

Not everyone plays at 120 FOV

I don’t see why they would add in customizable crosshairs I think the crosshairs that are in the game are fine as they are but yeah they would like just put it in the store as something you have to buy

Ik but I was jus saying that there’s a way to fix crosshair until they come out with this feature. If they do

My take on it is they could change a couple of the crosshairs but no customization of them. Plus somebody died trying to gas a homeless camp in eugene Oregon tonight GG

  1. Not relevant to halo.
  2. Something that’s personal preference and is just a form of customization, shouldn’t be something ANY1 is against.

Maybe being able to adjust the colour of your crosshairs to make it more visible I could see happening. But each weapon has it’s own specific and unique crosshairs which as minor as it seems is a very Halo defining feature. People see a specific crosshair in Halo and they know EXACTLY what gun that is for.

I realise that you having your own customised one would not effect any other players game. But like I said, it’s minor but still a core feature in a way or more or less defines Halo from other games.

It’s not a core feature. Literally every game that uses hip fire aiming has specific reticule. This isn’t an issue for controller, but MNK it’s a big deal

What I was getting at is Halo has had this formula for 20 years. It doesn’t really effect me if you have it or not, but don’t try to justify that the game is incorrectly designed. You simply want the adjustment to give yourself and advantage and nothing more.

Uh duh. It’s so I won’t have a problem aiming like I currently do, when on MNK

As someone who has custom crosshairs in all titles that offer it, I completely disagree that crosshairs will shift the balance that much in Halo :joy:

They can be beneficial in some cases, but in others the crosshairs are perfectly fine.

I think it would be a good QOL option, but Halo’s sandbox (and crosshairs for that matter) are built in a way that doesn’t obstruct a player’s view and works with it instead.

A fun mostly unnecessary option eventually, but for now there are more pressing matters.

I’m gonna support this for the dual reasons of,
A. Custom crosshairs would be neat.
B. It would allow players to fix any aiming reticle 343 bungles, such as the commando crosshair which is busy and dense, which means it gets in the way of aiming at things that are mid range or farther. A hinderance rather than an aid to aiming.

Isn’t this already a thing…in Call of Duty?

Bro they could literally take customization option ideas from any other game out there…but they chose not to and here we are with lame customization options lol.

Good idea though