Cross play toggle request (in game)

I understand there are many benefits to enable Cross play, but it would not be a good idea to Cross play with PC. Its still not the right time simply because MS and 343i cant promise that there is not any hacker in the game. Console is a blocked and secured system which can prevent us from being hacked or get into the unfair game environment.
Cross play is way too early right now. MS is creating its own cloud game ecosystem and that is the future of the cross play games which means you wont meet cheaters: a consumer friendly way to achieve MS’s great dream about cross play games.
If u still want to carry out the policy, just dont be so aggressive and add the toogle for Console players to choose whether they are ready for the uncertainty of meeting cheaters in PC.
Do remember that the consumer friendly PVP environment is more important than cross play right now.

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I agree that they need to add this for social play. You are however able to disable cross play in the ranked area.


yeah. Cheaters such as aimbot has shown up right now and it must be stopped.

I’m with you. It’s why I’ve always preferred consoles over PC when it comes to FPS games.

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