Cross play/ mouse and keyboard are ruining multiplayer for console

Is there no way to turn off cross play/ make it so you only play against other people only on controller? I can only play about two games before I’ve had enough of people blatantly cheating on their PC or getting a massive advantage over me in aiming if they’re using MnK on their console.

While I thoroughly enjoy being able to play with friends without them needing go drop a ton of money on a new console, this is getting out of hand for ranked especially.

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There’s no way to disable crossplay. I will say M+K are rather even with controller. I mean, both sides complain just as much about the other being too OP, even though controller got nerfed into he ground inInfinite, the aiming still feels off. At most the problem is the cheaters on PC but that’s more an anti-cheat problem than a PC one. Getting rid of crossplay would be a quick and easy fix but wouldn’t be the right one.

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The problem I have with it, is in a group of people, aim assist jumps around when people are strafing. I’ve had tons of fights where there’s two enemies, and instead of remotely getting a chance on at least downing one player, their teammate comes by and my reticle jumps to them and now I have two slightly damaged enemies instead of one confirmed kill. On top of that, the sensitivity advantage for fast turns can’t be matched by a controller while also having realistic aiming unless you’re a top tier player. It’s way more noticeable in this shooter than any other one because at least every other FPS I play in the competitive modes, and it’s always same console because the devs say there’s an unfair advantage to PC/ MnK players.

Cross play is more the cheater part so maybe I should’ve changed the order of my title.