Cross play in fps with pc. The downfall on consoles, no one on consoles has ever asked for it

Congratulations, you have managed to ruin an FPS with enormous potential. Guess why? Simply, the CROSSPLAY with pc in the fps, because I wonder. Who has ever wanted crossplay on consoles in fps with a pc that is full of cheaters, Warzone hasn’t taught anything? I understand the meaning in pve games, but in pvp fps it’s crazy. Obviously, the more time passes the more the online games are unplayable, every 5 games played in 2 that surely a cheater with the aimbot, the beauty that especially in this fps is noticeable better than in others. (when you see people commando double kills against people with full shields, 20 rounds in the magazine - 7 for a perfect kill - 14 rounds in all. You want me to believe that you have not missed more than 6 rounds against two different people, with a lot of strafe and all the rest ???) But okay, you see that there will be a huge slice of non-existent console players who want this damn crossplay in fps, designed to increase the playerbase in general but its results, of course, they are just the opposite. Create a console-only playlist and it’s not crap looking for who uses a pad or mouse and keyboard. What changes if a cheater uses a mouse or a pad, it is always aim bot. Then one day you tell why you haven’t implemented an anti cheat like on MCC. Don’t fool me by telling me you’re in beta. Really good, great launch …

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I don’t mind the cross play. I have buddies that have PC but won’t buy and Xbox cause they prefer PlayStation. Having Cross play allows me to play with them.

343i please give us the option of input based matchmaking for all playlists ranked and especially SOCIAL. The amount of m/kb pc players I’ve come up against is ridiculous. Last night when I checked my recent players list nearly all of them were on pc. Like WTF. Halo is a console FPS first and foremost. I’m already getting sic of m/kb players turning on a dime and head shotting me into oblivion. You are going to see console players step away if you don’t add input based pvp. It’s not a fair fight. Give us the option of input based matchmaking in social not just 2 v 2 ranked for crying out loud. MCC had why not your brand new game? And having it for the official launch would be nice. A lot of people don’t want to play ranked so plaese add input based matchmaking to social. There are more than enough players on console for you to do this. The player base is easily large enough.

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Ya every game I play I can feel when I’m playing against a controller player. The auto-aim cheats are ridiculous for controller. I would rather play just with PC at this point. Bullet magnetism and controller auto–aim is dumb get them out. I’d rather play against non-sanctioned cheaters.

(I’m being facetious but, I would also like more options to just play against Keyboard and Mouse.)

Is that why 85% of the top players on both teams in the mcc are pc players :thinking: the best part about this is anyone can go try this out and see for themselves.