Cross-play cannot be disabled anymore

I cannot even disable cross-play because the option is removed from the game. I am trying to prevent PC Halo players from joining and hacking to cheat and win.

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there have never add the option to turn it off in the first place at all.

and since day 1 people are complaining about it all that there most add a option to turn it off since there not wane face any pc cheaters in the game but so far 343 is not listing at all.

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Or maybe the game’s ranked population is so poor now that you have no choice but to expand your options or never get a match.

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Probably this.

Or OP could just play Solo Duo. OP put up another thread regarding cheaters in ranked, so at least there you can filter by input (which isn’t the same as platform, but would help)

Edit: Every comment and thread OP has posted in last few hours is about cheaters - literally every one. So might not be worth answering properly.

it has notting to do with ranked population at all.

its not only ranked but in general more from the multiplayer that most have the option to turn off crossplay.
that means also social playlist’s.

And what would that solve? You do know that PC players use controllers too so solo duo controller is open to both console and PC players, right?

I said it weeks and weeks ago, the ranked playlists are intentionally named and misleading. For some reason, a lot of players think still solo duo controller is a console only playlist when it clearly isn’t and never has been.

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I mean, I literally put ‘which isn’t the same as platform, but would help’ in the exact comment that you chose to quote. Why did you take that bit out?

Furthermore OP’s other threads suggest an issue with M&K players cheating. Perhaps I wrote what I wrote with that information in mind - not being clear on that is my mistake - thus a move to controller-only is likely to get him around the issue bothering him most.

I am a controller PC player so I do not think what you think I do.

I haven’t been tracking your posts for ‘weeks and weeks’ anyway.