Cross play and cheaters

Add the option to turn off and on cross play especially on ranked im one of the people that is still playing on the xbox one x because i cant find a xbox series x so im at a big disadvantage when playing against people on pc. I dont mind cross play i dont mind playing against people on Xbox series x/s and pc but when i start encountering cheaters thats when i want to turn it off ive been shot through walls ive encountered people who seemed to know where i was on the map at all times ive encountered people who seemed to have perfect aim 100% of the time. So 343 untill yous do something about the cheaters i want the option to turn off cross play. Like i said im still playing on the xbox one x so im at a disadvantage the way it is.


old news more.
and there is no 100% solution to the cheater problem.

and for crossplay its something that has been ask all since the release off the game.
and a lot off threads are there about it same go’s for the cheaters so its now only waiting more when there share the news about it.
and its not only rankend its more for the full matchmaking more there most make it a option.

In before someone says “Xbox has cheaters too!”


its only really low chance you find a xbox player that is using cheats.
and not forget to add also its not all the pc players that use cheats some off then play it fair without then before somebody is telling it also.

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I mean… aim assist is just soft cheats afforded from the developers.


Yeah -Yoink!- those cheating console kids with their legal auto-aim aimbot! :joy:


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the developers or the kiddos that can’t afford a PC. Controller is a -Yoink!- input to be honest and needs it’s soft cheats. I pity the individuals that have a PC and still play on controller.

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Oooooh you’re one of “them”?! Boooooo!!! :joy:

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I’m a console player…I was just being sarcastic and taking the piss! :wink:

What? A person that wants real skill in their FPS games? Not machine assist skill? Yes, I guess I am one of them.

I mean if you can’t afford PC, you can’t afford PC, not your fault honestly.

Oh. It looked legitimate because they use that exact talking point and believe it. They aren’t trolling either.

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I don’t want to play with you. I don’t like to play with kiddos :rofl:

And I’m glad you’re man enough acknowledge that neither platform can coexist. In fact, crossplay should be between consoles only. But again, you have my respect. It’s a shame the rest of your community can’t man up and admit it.


Ooooh no need to worry yourself about my financial situation…this isn’t a -Yoink!- waving contest about money but I am very comfortable and lucky enough to afford what I want.

It just so happens that I have a life and prefer to play games on Xbox as I have always done. My PC and MacBook help to make me lots of money so I can decide how I spend it…and I decide to spend my spare time and money playing my Xbox in my chill out time rather than being part of the master race.


Whatever helps you sleep at night. Also, you don’t need to try and overcompensate in here. It’s just a gaming forum lol

Fr. Quick play is just legal aim bots with sticky bullet magnetism players spamming sidekick shots and killing people in .9 seconds. from across the map.

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Right back at you…

…your mum must be very proud of you to be able to afford a PC…you’re sooooo pro! :joy:

Their train of thought is so weird. We’ve all always played videogames on console. Or used a fight stick for Tekken, mk, etc. Computers are for work and everything else. They’ll pay hundreds or even thousands a year just to get one up and cheat against people. Imagine bringing a woman over to your house and she sees your “battle station” as they like to call it. LOL

My bad, I guess I just assumed that if most people had the means they would enjoy their games without the limitations from console hardware.

Different strokes for different folks…don’t assume anything! :wink: