Cross-platform: 360 and PC

Not only it would expand the pool of players, but it could give birth to interesting opportunities in the future for the modding community of XBL.



na lol

mouse and keyboard users would own the controllers

Are you serious? People on PC would destroy people on consoles…

What are you talking about? The mouse might give a certain edge, but it’s basically like comparing one martial art to another. It comes down to who is a better fighter.

I play with a 360 game controller on Battlefield 3 and can end up in top 3 players (64 players server).

If you worry about pro gaming, then at that level they either play only with 360 controller or mouse + keyboard. But online, really who cares. If you aren’t good, it will only give you a better practice. Do not forget that there are ranks as well (think of Halo 2). If you aren’t good enough, well you still play with players of your level. That’s why the matchmaking was there for, unlike CoD…