Cross game playlists

Does anyone actually like cross game playlists? I’m a fan of 1 and 4. I play 2 for the achievements. And I’m not a big fan of 3 at all (although I enjoyed it when it was the newest halo out there). All the halos feel and play so differently from each other that I hate switching modes every game. But the only way to get 4v4 for H1 is to play Team Slayer, which is a cross game playlist. Before MCC came out I thought each game would have its own playlists.

Hallelujah. Amen.

I HATE the cross-game playlists, I never get the game I want…
and I HATE the playlists that are just “Halo3” (example) , because they jam all the gametypes into one playlist and then I don’t get the gametype I want… (although its not as bad as the cross-game playlists)

I don’t understand how you can make cross-game playlists Ranked, and a single game playlist, with multiple gametypes jammed in, ranked as well… it makes no sense to me

but hey, who am I?

I do like them cause i dont really have to adjust. That being said cross game playlists shouldnt include them all. Like for example. If they were to come out with a Team Objective it should just be H2 classic and H3