Cross game playlists destined to break on Halo 2?

So my brother and I have been making our way through a few campaign playlists and just started playing some of the cross game ones.

The playlist we first encountered a glitch on was “Epic Battles”. As soon as we got to Metropolis on Halo 2, it disconnected us and when we tried to resume it, it just stops the loading bar near the end and kicks us out to the main menu. It loads fine if we go in solo. I googled a few things and put it down to the beginning of Halo 2 having multiple glitches like this.

The second playlist we tried was “Get in the Ring”. As soon as we got to Delta Halo, it stopped loading and kicked us out again and we can’t start it in co op anymore. (once again, loads fine in solo)

Is this a common problem in Halo 2 or are we just extremely unlucky?