Cross core is needed now, not later

Picture the scene, youve unlocked the new armour core for the fracture event, its a cool armour and cant wait to make it your own, but you cant, it doesnt even have the base colour pallet, like the colour yellow? Fool, youll get beige, learn to like it until rank 17.
Rakshasa, a non event core, has barely any colours either.

And outside of colours, its easy to turn down shop items and weekly rewards, if they dont work on the core you like, it feels like a waste of time getting them.

A huge community complaint was the lack of unlockables and customisation at the start of the game, cross core would have solved that immediately.
Without cross core, it forces the art team to work harder to account for each core, now up to 5 of them, while limiting the people from buying or wanting them.
I liked a few parts of the shop, but I’m not paying for a helmet I cant use on my mark V.

The longer the game goes, and the more cores, the worse it gets.


Cross Core’s not a simple thing one can simply snap their fingers and make it happen. It’s going to be a timely process for most pieces of equipment and/or colors to make sure things work for every single armor.

The fastest ones they could probably do now is visor colors. Since that just means recoloring the current visors with the other colors.

Ok, but cross-core won’t be an easy task as time goes on and they continue to put out core-exclusive pieces all the time.

That’s just 343’s BS excuse to try and get people to buy into their marketing. If they had some more honesty and transparency in their history of video games, I would be more inclined to take their word for it.

Unfortunately, I am thinking that they purposely designed the UI from the very beginning to be the way it is now because they fully intended to sell individual cores AND cross cores from the get-go.

How Jerry sort of explained it during that Live Stream a month or so ago, there are ‘Fracture Cores’ which will remain non-cross core and ‘Canon Cores’ which will be cross core, with visors, coatings coming first and then possibly more later(all is assuming from what was said in the stream before Jerry was fired or left or whatever)

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Bot wearing cross core armor pieces runs in front of the cam


Then you see all the armor looking horrible due to massive clipping…

@General_Fox @Lanzerat Actually, after doing some digging, it really would be pretty much that simple. We have been misled HARD, The 2 parts that would take some work - assuming they really wanted to do it right - are:

  1. Deciding how to structure the core system within the UI & building (the best way would be to allow players to select the under-core for each part of armor, i.e. chest core, R shoulder core, L shoulder core etc, then provide armor piece selection on each.) This level of customization is already possible - Including with Fracture cores - they would just have to expand the UI a little to make it simple for players.

  2. Fix coatings; apparently, when mixing and matching things coatings start to get bugged. (This might only need some slight tweaking or it could take a complete overhaul.) However, judging by what I have seen, it’s probably not as complicated as I and many others have imagined.

Overall, cross-core is already very, very possible, works really well, and clipping is legit not an issue. The only reason they are holding it back is because, much of what they had been selling us, and planned to sell us were the same items (or very similar) on separate cores. Losing the ability to sell those items will reduce the amount of money they can make via the store until season 3.

Do Not take them at their word that, it’s some huge job and they can only do visors and little bits at a time, That is a complete lie.

Everyone should also be aware that each item in a kit is already owned and usable. The only reason it’s not currently accessible right now is because 343 wanted to - and still might - charge twice for those items, so they locked them and made them hidden in the UI (looking at the Reach shoulders)

To my current understanding, if it wasn’t for coatings and greed, cross core would take about 3 days to implement (assuming they left the UI unchanged).
All that’s involved would be changing a few lines of code, it’s really just tedious more than anything.


I mean we already have awful clipping with armor we can already equip especially around the shoulder region

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