Cross Core Customization is NO longer a request!

It is a demand, straight and simple. If Player Outlines won’t be altered or removed and you still want us to pay for Armor Coatings, colors and armor, we demand the right to customize our purchases any way we see fit!


It ain’t a simple flick a switch and it’s done ya know


You are in no position to make demands.


I demand they make armor crosscore or I won’t buy any. Maybe they don’t care about that. That’s fine. No one is entitled to have 343 give into their demands, but they can make them.


You are in no position to actively fight against a change that would BOTH make 343i much more money and keep far more gamers INVESTED into Infinite long term. With Cross Core Customization, you buy a pair of shoulders or you buy a coating and can place them in any combination you want.

I know this isn’t switch flick material, but in the long-term, the cores could change to saved presets of your customizable Spartans, but all the armor coatings, visors, helmets, everything is changed to a single universal customizable core as IT should have been all along!


respect the authors decisions. if you have a suggestion ask politely. more importantly - remember youre a space robot that fights wars. no more.


They should make cross cores and I want them to.

However they dont have to but I certainly wont be as happy and I wont buy anything. I do think cross cores (while it would be some work) is a great option for customisation and player satisfaction. Not to mention I’d assume more people would buy armor as it’s not so limited.

I want it, I need it and I hope they do it. Politely ask though and you may get! Were getting earnable credits next season! Whoop!


Even if they add it, it will be limited on a piece-by-piece basis. There’s a reason the modders refuse to release images of a Yoroi Utility on a Mjolnir Core, or vice versa, or a Mjolnir chest attachment on a Yoroi core or vice versa. Those combos are actually incompatible for customization due to the variance in the shapes of the cores.

Cross core can only really be future-proofed for coatings and visor colors. Potentially also helmets but that could become untrue in the future if more exotic designs are created.

You’re right, it doesn’t work with Yoroi chest pieces and MK V/VII. Here’s proof:

There are even issues with coatings between Yoroi and the other two cores. I’m not exactly sure what goes wrong, if I had to guess, the lights or jewels on Yoroi are giving the same code as the piece of the chest armor under the shoulders on the other cores. You can see what I mean here:

There are also issues with floating shoulders when mixing Yoroi with the other two cores. So yeah, not everything really works crosscore. But I have tried mixing and matching MK VII and MK V B quite a lot, and there aren’t a lot of issues with shoulders and gloves. Coatings also seem to work just fine between those two cores. And visors/helmets work between all cores with no issue. If they gave us crosscore helmets and visor, and allowed crosscore gloves/shoulders/coatings between MK V/VII it would make customization a lot more robust than what we have. And go a long way to fulfilling their promises of “tons” of customization options. I know some people still wouldn’t be happy, but personally I’ll take what I can get. And I appreciate an honest effort, even if it’s not perfect.


The only reason I don’t expect this, and only expect coatings, visors, and (as a stretch) helmets, is because it makes a lot more sense to only make the items that truly can apply safely to every core (both now, and that will be added in the future), than it would be to make exceptions now for MVb and MVII, only to have future cores become a guessing game of “what can go on what?”

Keep in mind 343 plans to release at least 2 cores per season, one for the season pass and one for the fracture. By the end of Infinite’s first year alone there are going to be between 7 and 9 armor cores in the game, each with their own proportions and shapes.

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They already have some items on two cores though. I mean, if you count coatings there are coatings on two cores and two cores only. But maybe you’re right, and it won’t happen at all. I just think they’d make a lot of people happier if they at least did what they could.

It is, its already in game and people have accessed it since launch.


Actually the community is in every right to make demands of a company that has failed time and time again to please its community. They spout of as they’re making halo as halo players though show no signs of actually doing such. This shell of a game is a lackluster joke where we have every right to tear their head off. Without a community any game company is basically dead in the water. Not to mention they just shut the servers for reach halo 3 and odst down I think they also did halo 4 multiplayer. Halos glory day games are no longer even playable all in the face of saving money to not keep servers running. Yeah we have the campaigns but youd be better off loading up mcc for that as they’re all there with additions and streamlined gameplay. With all of this given info and the fact that as players we know the playerbase of halo is dwindling fast it gives us every right to voice our displeasure in how they’ve handled what some myself included consider to be their favorite game. For me this series is my childhood halo for me was elementary school all the way past high school graduation. The series holds a very special place with me. And I’m tired of seeing indecisive money grubby craptastic decisions from 343. We got some bungie members on this but their creative input seems to be put on hold till a possible next game if this one doesnt doom the company with its 500million price tag


If they want that respect than they should make a good game not piggy back off someone else’s success

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Shut up, kid. 343i doesn’t owe you a damn thing you “request” (MUCH less “demand.”)
I’m so saddening that I’m even in a position to make a post such as this, but you children (if not literally “children,” definitely “children” figuratively) somehow think you deserve whatever BS you want, no matter who you’re “demanding” it from.
I know If I were the recipient of some child “demanding” like you are, I’d shift my focus away from the “demand” to other issues (such as issues that actually matter at this time, especially ones that I actually HAD said anything about whatsoever) before putting any extra effort into what the child wanted.
Like- come on. You going to “demand” that McDonald’s have the McRib be on the menu permanently? Wtf kind of child thinks they have any right whatsoever to make “demands” like this?

Do not make combative posts.


Lol then surely you’ve never heard the crib actually returns seasonally for that reason or that the mozzarella and chicken burger came back due to people demanding it. Bro did you not pay attention in history anything that has changed has been demanded or requested and met with force if ignored weather that force be a protest or another form. Jfc go back and learn again you’re over here calling everyone kids for making demands. Womans rights demanded. Voting rights demanded. Equality demanded. Like you just sound ignorant saying we have no right clearly you have no right to say anything to us as most of us with these demands have watched a company piggyback on another’s success for 10 almost 11 years now

As for the demand of armor coatings it’s not out of our jurisdiction they did promise complete customization and this is a far cry from what weve had to what we were promised furthering to what we have been given. It’s a joke and people are mad about it rightly so considering the promises that were broken

Don’t bots have cross core customization…?


For the low low price of 5 bucks you too can buy the same color again for another core lol


it is for mark 5 and 7

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yeah he is lmao, why wouldnt he be