Cross-Core customization also coming to weapons coatings?

Do we have any information if cross-core customization is also coming for weapon coatings or is it just armor only. Will all my coatings for weapons work across all weapons?

I think it’s just armor. They’ve only mentioned changes to customisation system for the armor, so far.

Cross weapon customisation would be brilliant, but knowing the number company, they’d wanna keep colours for weapons separate - better monetization opportunity.


Remember that this is the same company that sold certifications in Halo 5, i.e. you got a drop that enables you to get a drop. Pretty cool to just double the amount of unlocks a player needs.

Be happy that you don’t need Spartan Recolor Certifications for when you want to change your Spartans coating.

Also don’t mistake SRC with Weapon Recolor Certifications and furthermore with Vehicle Recolor Certifications. :facepunch: